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MacBook Pro 13″(M2, 2022)

Display 13.3″

Up to 24GB unified memory

Up to 20 hours battery life

Touch bar & Touch id

8-core CPU

Apple M2 Chip

82TB maximmum configurable storage

10-core GPU

The new M2 chip makes the 13.3-inch MacBook professional additional capable than ever. an equivalent compact design supports up to twenty hours of battery life and a full of life cooling system to sustain increased performance.

That includes an excellent membrane show, a FaceTime HD camera, and studio-quality mics, it’s them’s most moveable professional portable computer.

Let’s point out M2 super chip, the M2 chip begins consecutive generation of Apple Silicon, with even additional of the speed and power potency introduced by M1. thus you’ll be able to rip through workflows with amore powerful 8-core CPU.

Produce gorgeous graphics with a lightning-fast 10-core GPU. Work with additional streams of 4K and 8K ProRes video with the superior media engine. And do it all at once with up to 24GB of faster unified memory.

Is MacBook Pro M2 powerful?

  • Compared to MacBook Pro 13″ with M1

Faster video editing performance

MacBook Pro 13″ with M2

MacBook Pro 13″ with M1

  • Compared to Intel-based MacBook Pro 13″

Faster video editing performance

MacBook Pro 13″ with M2

MacBook Pro 13″ with M1 quad-core Intel Core i7

Is MacBook Pro M2 good for design?

Is MacBook Pro M2 good for design?

If you were hoping for a design within the vein of the MacBook Air and iMac, then we’ve got some unhealthy news: the new MacBook professional 13.3-inch has identical style because the previous model.

If you liked that style, then this might not be a problem, however there’s no escaping the sensation that this style, that was already feeling a touch dated once it came 2 years agene with the M1 version of the MacBook professional, is currently in spades archaic.

So, it’s same massive, chunky bezels round the screen because the previous model, and during this day and age wherever most laptops have skinny surrounds, it’s not the trendy mobile digital computer that it once was, particularly in comparison to the likes of the Dell XPS 13, for example- or perhaps the MacBook pro 14-inch.

While it keeps identical style, the new MacBook Air gets a design that slims down the bezels, and conjointly will increase the screen size to 13.6-inches. which means it really incorporates a larger screen than the 13-inches of the MacBook professional 13-inch.

With this in mind, the MacBook pro 13-inch not appears like the default suggestion for inventive professionals, particularly people who work with visual mediums. The new MacBook Air offers a bigger screen for fewer cash.

Elsewhere, the build quality remains impeccable, and it remains light-weight enough to simply carry around with you, creating it a wonderful selection for individuals searching for a robust portable computer to figure on.

However, it’s price nothing that when once more, the MacBook pro 13.3-inch(M2, 2022) comes with simply 2 USB-C ports + audio jack -a rather restricted quantity for a portable computer geared toward inventive professionals.

How long does MacBook M2 battery last?

How long does MacBook M2 battery last?

The M2 chip isn’t a powerful bit of hardware, it’s also very efficient. This is important in a laptop, as it means it can provide plenty of power for the tasks you require of it without draining the battery too fast.

Apple boasted of how the M2 chip could offer an 18% performance boost to CPU tasks while still using the same amount of power as the M1 chip – an exciting prospect considering how powerful – and power-efficient-the M1 chip was.

In our tests, we found Apple’s claims to be the money, with the MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022) lasting 15 and a half hours in our battery test, which involves playing a looped 1080p video.

This is very impressive, and simply beats the previous MacBook pro 13-inch’s score by many hours. throughout our review of the MacBook pro 13-inch (M2, 2022), we have a tendency to were ready to simply get an entire workday out of the battery, which was whereas acting intensive tasks like video written material.

For people looking for a powerful laptop that can work on pretty much anywhere without worrying about running out of battery, the MacBook Pro 13.3-inch (M2, 2022) is a great option, then.

Should you buy the MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022) ?

The MacBook pro 13-inch (M2, 2022) could be a strange portable computer to review. On the one hand, it performs brightly and has exceptional battery life.

However, its obsolete style, 720p webcam and lack of ports means that there area unit several higher laptops for artistic professionals out there. maybe the largest threat to the MacBook pro 13-inch (M2, 2022), that comes with an even bigger screen, higher digital camera and speakers, and similar performance – except for less cash.

So, unless you are utterly married to the thought of obtaining a MacBook pro, or love the bit bar (come on, there should be a number of you out there), you would be happier skipping the MacBook pro 13-inch (M2, 2022) and obtaining the MacBook Air instead.


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